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I know choosing a wedding photographer is a daunting process. There are hundreds out there. So how do you find the one that's right for you?

I think you have to go with your heart, find the one that connects with you, the one that you know is able to tell your story beautifully.

Is that me?

Check out some of these weddings below. Can you feel what it was like to be there? Can you sense the fun and excitement? Imagine how that would feel if these images were full of your friends and loved ones. Imagine how great it'll be to show these kind of pictures to future generations.

I shoot village hall weddings in the Home Counties and extravagant Monastery weddings in Italy. The one thing that unites my couples is a love for great story-telling photography. If this sounds like you, let's talk. I'll send you full pricing and some more information.

Wedding fees start at £2000 for off peak dates. All quoted fees include VAT.

Asylum Wedding PhotographyAsylum Wedding PhotographyAsylum wedding photography by Documentary Wedding Photographer Paul Rogers Chainstore Wedding photography by London Wedding Photographer Paul Rogers The Worx London wedding photography
Maunsel House Wedding PhotographyMaunsel House wedding photography by documentary wedding photographer Paul Rogers Sherborne Abbey Wedding Photography bt Paul Rogers Winter marquee wedding

Here's my wedding portfolio, it's a little different to a lot of the other photographers you'll have been looking at.