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Top Instagram Posts January 2017

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Jess and Sam's Christmas Marquee Wedding Photography

So here's the top five Instagram posts from my Documentary Wedding Photography feed from January 2017. I post lots of new pictures on Instagram every month, and it's pretty exciting to see which ones gain the most likes - it's usually not the ones I think! But this one above, from Jess and Sam's Christmas Marquee wedding in Lincolnshire was one I knew would do well. It had been a pretty great party all day - it was only a week before Christmas and everyone was in high sprits. So when Hey Mr Wilson got the tunes going, the dance floor soon filled up. 

I've set one flash up directly behind Jess, and another off to my right. So when the dance floor filled with smoke, I knew this setup would provide some great pictures. This is shot on a wide angle lens, and while I was concentrating on Jess and her new husband, her sister danced into view, giving the picture some foreground interest (thanks Cece!).

Laura and John's wedding at St. Michael's, Sunninghill, and Hampton Court House.

Here's one from much earlier in the Summer, back when the light was good and the sun warm! It's Laura arriving at St Michael and All Angels Church in Sunninghill, Berkshire. She's accompanied by her father and has just stopped to greet her daughter and other flower girls. I wanted to make sure I had a good dark background behind Laura, especially as the sun is directly behind her. The shadows from the trees help separate her from the background, and I've taken a low angle to try and keep the background clean. It's a lovely moment, just as the nerves are kicking in before walking down the aisle, and I hope this picture brings back some fond memories fro Laura for many years to come!

Sarah and Martin's wedding at Wasing Park

This silhouette is one of Kim's bridesmaids applying makeup before her wedding to Joe at The Old Mill in Aldermaston. As is often the case with documentary wedding photography, once I find a good background, it's just a matter of time before an interesting picture comes together. Luckily I didn't have to wait too long for this one!

Notley Abbey Wedding

Here's the Mother of the Bride from Ying and Yu's wedding at Burgh House in London. I like the stencils on the glass, placed there by Ying's Mother, as well as the framing from the circular mirror. This image, as well as the silhouette above, featured in my end of year round up post which only used pictures of guests and family members - there were no brides or grooms featured!

Charlotte and MikeCharlotte and MikeGreat Tythe Barn Wedding Photography Lastly, another picture from the end of year post, this one from Charlotte and Mikes marquee wedding up in Nottinghamshire in the Spring. I spotted this little chap during the ceremony, and waited for him to look up over the pews during one of the hymns. 

I hope you enjoyed some of my Instagram highlights - do check back again to see what's popular next month. And if you're on Instagram, here's the link to my page where you can keep up with what I'm posting - Paul Rogers Photography Instagram.



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