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Weddings Are All The Same, Aren't They?

June 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

They are really. Sometimes the prep is at home, sometimes in a hotel. Ceremony in a church, sometimes great light, occasionally banished to the back. Champagne reception, family pictures, speeches, meal and dance. 

But it's the little variations that form the distinctions from one wedding to the next. Like the clumps in the early universe, moments after the Big Bang that became the stars, planets and galaxies, and us. That's where the interest lies. That's what makes me crawl around on the floor of a tipi in Oxfordshire, in my suit, when I've seen one of those variations. One of those little details, that together with all the other details separate Susie and Graham's wedding from any other wedding thats ever been, since the beginning of time. That little clump of a field, stuck to the bottom of a three inch heel, that's what I get excited about. That's what this wedding is.


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Gret Blog on Wedding!! Everywhere same Weddings are happened!!
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